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旧 情 绵 绵

我 心 爱 偶 像 的 相 片

黄 露 仪 1 (Tracy Huang 1)

黄 露 仪 2 (Tracy Huang 2)

黄 露 仪 3 (Tracy Huang 3)

黄 露 仪 4 (Tracy Huang 4)

刘 文 正1 (Liu Wen Zheng 1)

刘 文 正2 (Liu Wen Zheng 2)

刘 文 正3 (Liu Wen Zheng 3)

刘 文 正4 (Liu Wen Zheng 4)


To view the full size images of the above photos, click on the names.

The photos above may take some time to show on your screen

as some of them are quite big.

There will be more coming your way... soon...


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